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The revolutionary file search tool for Windows. Listary makes finding your files and launching apps blazing fast, for casual and power users alike!

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Launch any app, easier than ever

Quickly access your favorite apps with just a few keystrokes. Listary intuitively predicts your desired search result with fuzzy matching and a smart algorithm.

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Effortlessly glance through sorted results, utilize advanced filters to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for, and tailor your search to your workflow for a seamless file management experience.

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Quick Switch

Tired of digging through multiple folders when Saving/Opening a file? With Quick Switch, just search to instantly jump to the folder you're looking for.

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Hardcore efficiency and precision

0.01 s

Search in milliseconds

Search your online drive


Prioritize results by your habits


Fuzzy matching

Greater Windows productivity starts with Listary.
Oh, and it’s 100% free.

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They love it. you will, too.

I @UseListary every damn day. It has completely changed the way I access my files and folder.
If you haven't tried Listary you are missing out on the best little addition to Windows ever. Used it for a while now impressed enough to buy, check it out.
Mark B Tomlinson
Windows Search just seems to get worse and worse over time - can you guys call either Apple or Listary and ask them how they do it?
Jeff Beam

Oh, it gets even better…


Utilize advanced filters to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for


Use command-line methods to use system commands or to call any apps


Take actions on search results directly, such as copy, copy path, and more.


Convenient access to frequently used folders

…And here’s the icing on the cake

Zero learning curve

Elegant, intuitive UI


Ready to master how you search files
and launch apps on Windows?

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